ⓘ This web page is about the old AlgoSim 2 software. Perhaps you are looking for the new Algosim 3 application?
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Design Error #003

This page describes a known design error in AlgoSim.

Symptom: When exporting a 2D visualisation window image to a SVG or EMF file, there is no option to set the default size (and hence, aspect ratio) of the output. Although these are vector formats, the default size might be important, and so this is considered a design error. The size of the output always equals the size of the 2D visualisation control window.

Applies to: This problem is found in all versions of AlgoSim, at least up to

Cause: This is caused by lack of an important feature.

Solution: The manual solution is to resize the AlgoSim main window until the 2D visualisatoin control window obtains its desired dimensions. This procedure requires use of some external tool that examines Windows windows (HWNDs). However, this is a very tedious process, and so I have written a 'bugfix' that does this automatically. Please download ashf003.exe (92 kB). When you wish to set the size of the 2D visualisation control window, simply start this progam and enter the desired dimensions of the control. Then the first running instance of AlgoSim found by the program will be fixed in the desired way.

Screenshot of hotfix