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Reference: drawSet3

drawSet3(S) plots the set S ⊂ R^3 in the 3D visualization window.

drawSet3(S, s) plots the set S ⊂ R^3 in the 3D visualization window using the style (CSS) s.

Examples: A straight line.
          r0 ≔ ❨2, 3, 1❩
          v ≔ ❨1, 1, -2❩
          line ≔ createImage("r0 + t⋅v", "t", [-10, 10, 0.001])
          drawSet3("line", "colour:red")

Remark: For most curves, drawLines3 is much more efficient, because a seemingly continuous curve is generated even if there is a visible distance between the points in the set. In fact, in this example of a line, only two points are required to draw the line segment, compared to the 20 000 points used by drawSet3. However, if the curve makes sudden jumps, drawLines3 will draw unwanted lines, and drawSet3 might be required. This is the case, for instance, when plotting hyperbolas using the sec/tan parametrisation.