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Reference: identifyProblems

identifyProblems(0) will perform an automatic search for potential problems in the current AlgoSim session. Among other things, identifyProblems will verify that

 * no fundamental constant (π, e, i, true, false, ...) has been removed or redefined.
 * the operator table not has been altered so much that simple expressions like 4 + (3 ⋅ 5!)/2 cannot be evaluated.
 * there is not a variable foo that has the same name as a function or program foo().
 * the operator table ops.asd and the constants table constants.asd are not missing.
 * the system font DejaVu Sans Mono is installed.

If a problem can be resolved automatically (with no risk of loss of data), identifyProblems will automatically try to fix the problem. Otherwise, the function will return instructions how to manually resolve the issue.