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At this page, minor free Windows applications may be downloaded. My major product, Algosim, is found on its own website www.algosim.org.

Rejbrand Text Editor
An advanced Unicode text editor for the Microsoft Windows desktop.

Rejbrand BookBase
A book cataloguing software.

Rejbrand BookBase Pointer
Rejbrand BookBase Pointer (BookPoint) is an add-on to the Rejbrand BookBase book cataloguing software. BookPoint is used to give random pointers to sections in books.

Unicode Character Informer
Unicode Character Informer is a small utility that gives the codepoint, official description, and Unicode block of any Unicode character that you copy to clipboard. For Microsoft Windows (desktop application).

3D Random Walk ScreenSaver
A 3D random walk screensaver. For Windows XP and later.

Rectangular Billiard Simulator
This application simulates a rectangular dynamic billiard, i.e. a particle travelling in a rectangular, two-dimensional box and is elastically reflected on its boundary. Available for use on Windows only.

This application displays a sequence of numbers. Then, the user is to enter the next number in the sequence. Moreover, the application has a "training mode", allowing the user to show an equation describing the sequence. Available for use on Windows only.

Four in a row
Advanced Four in a row game. Available for use on Windows only.

Wave Simulator and Longitudinal (Sound) Wave Simulator
Application simulating two plane harmonic waves and their superpositioned sum in the time-dependent plane. For Windows.

Particle Simulator
This Windows application simulates a single particle confined to a rectangular box with a given force field (e.g. gravity, from a spring, or from a point charge).

Trigonometric Graphs
This application renders a number of moving fragments of sine and cosine graphs, meant to be visually attractive. For Windows XP.

Question Repetition
This application allows a repetition of list of questions to be shown on the screen. The answers are verified using another list. For instance, the application may be used learning the vocabulary of a foreign language. Available for use on Windows only.