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Old software

At this page, minor free Windows applications may be downloaded.

3D Random Walk ScreenSaver
A 3D random walk screensaver. For Windows XP and later.

Rectangular Billiard Simulator
This application simulates a rectangular dynamic billiard, i.e. a particle travelling in a rectangular, two-dimensional box and is elastically reflected on its boundary. Available for use on Windows only.

This application displays a sequence of numbers. Then, the user is to enter the next number in the sequence. Moreover, the application has a "training mode", allowing the user to show an equation describing the sequence. Available for use on Windows only.

Four in a row
Advanced Four in a row game. Available for use on Windows only.

Wave Simulator and Longitudinal (Sound) Wave Simulator
Application simulating two plane harmonic waves and their superpositioned sum in the time-dependent plane. For Windows.

Particle Simulator
This Windows application simulates a single particle confined to a rectangular box with a given force field (e.g. gravity, from a spring, or from a point charge).

Trigonometric Graphs
This application renders a number of moving fragments of sine and cosine graphs, meant to be visually attractive. For Windows XP.

Question Repetition
This application allows a repetition of list of questions to be shown on the screen. The answers are verified using another list. For instance, the application may be used learning the vocabulary of a foreign language. Available for use on Windows only.