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A “Task Input Dialog” for the Microsoft Windows desktop

The new version of Rejbrand Text Editor makes use of a new input dialog I developed for it. Microsoft Windows has always had the MessageBox function, and since Windows Vista, you have been able to use the very nice Task Dialog. However, there has never been a standard input box dialog. This has made a lot of custom input dialog boxes appear in custom libraries and frameworks, including the VCL. However, the VCL input dialogs are far from aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, I developed my own dialog with a visual style closely resembling that of a task dialog – in fact, I followed the metrics specified by Microsoft closely while designing the dialog window. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the dialog box has many features related to input transforms and input verification.

The class is called TMultiInputBox and you can download the source code at specials.rejbrand.se/dev.

Below are some screenshots of the dialog:

Screenshot of the dialog in string input mode.

Screenshot of the dialog in integer input mode.

Screenshot of the dialog in character input mode.

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