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Below, my final grades from Duveholmsgymnasiet are presented. I received the highest grade possible in all subjects except for Physical Education A, where I received the next highest grade. The available grades are (from worst to best; unofficial translation):

  1. IG (Not Acceptable)
  2. G (Acceptable)
  3. VG (Very Acceptable)
  4. MVG (Very Much Acceptable)
Subject Grade Subject (cont.) Grade Subject (cont.) Grade
Biology A MVG Geography A MVG Mathematics E MVG
Biology B MVG History A MVG Mathematics - discrete MVG
Biology - additional MVG Physical Education A VG Natural Science A MVG
Computer Science MVG Chemistry A MVG Religion A MVG
English A MVG Chemistry B MVG Social Science A MVG
English B MVG Chemistry - additional MVG Swedish A MVG
Music MVG Mathematics A MVG Swedish B MVG
Physics A MVG Mathematics B MVG German 3 MVG
Physics B MVG Mathematics C MVG German 4 MVG
Physics - additional MVG Mathematics D MVG Project (Algorithm Simulator) MVG

See also: Grades at Linköping University.