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Rugs from Life-like cellular automata

All rugs are created from 2×2 squares.

Persian rugs

All Persian rugs are created by B234/S.

The first 99 Persian rugs:

An animation showing 99 square patterns of increasing size.

Generation 70:

A picture of generation 70.

Generation 73:

A picture of generation 73.

Generation 80:

A picture of generation 80.

Generation 97:

A picture of generation 97.

Other rugs

Generation 135 of B234567/S124567:

A rug

Generation 146 of B234678/S8:

A rug

Generation 114 of B235678/S1234567:

A rug

Generation 101 of B2345678/S0238:

A rug

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All images are generated by Andreas Rejbrand.